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$462 Cheap Bastard's Gaming PC Build - January, 2015

GamersNexus: "For less than the price of a current-gen console, we assembled a PC that can play most games out at medium to high settings. This budget gaming PC uses a do-it-yourself approach, landing the price at under $500 for an entry-level system."

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fatstarr2189d ago

sorry, not a fan of APUs

cl19832189d ago

If you can get the consoles at 399 and the pc isn't assembled, 462 isn't cheaper.

Tzuno2184d ago

AMD? no thank you. They need to get their shit straight in Cpu market.

Gamer19822183d ago

Depends for a budget CPU they cannot be beaten Intel own the top end easily but budget end? AMD own that market easily. Hell they are even inside the Xbox One and PS4. Bang for buck under $100 you cannot beat AMD.

Tzuno2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

True but there are dual core Intel cpu's that beat amd 4 core but in the end 4 core wins because gaming today is made on 4 cores, 2 cores gaming will be killed soon.