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KnowTechie Review: The Pax by Ploom - #VapeTechie

Another day, another vaporizer. Tough life, right? Fortunately for KnowTechie, they were lucky enough to get their hands on one of the top selling vaporizers on the market.

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KnowTechie2384d ago

This is by far, my favorite vaporizer.

Gondee2383d ago

Pax is alright but isn't a pure vaporizer. If you have ever used a convection vape you would realize quickly there are "hot spots" within the PAX chamber where some burns ~thus the terrible taste. Probably the best conduction portable though.

KnowTechie2382d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Davinci by Ascent is the opposite of a convection vape, right?

Gondee2381d ago

Yeah, the Ascent is a conduction vape just as the pax is. The only portable convection vapes worth looking at are the Solo and the MiniVap. But because they are heating air, they use 2x battery and require huge long draws. So they are really better suited to a lounging/indoor setting. That said, PAX is the best conduction portable on the market atm

Audiggity2383d ago

Smoke tobacco products errrryyydayeeeyay!

barbarapeva2383d ago

tried these last year, it was great

KnowTechie2382d ago

Yea, I really like it ;)