High Five: Top Five Gaming Consoles

PYB: A look back at five of the best game consoles released in history. If you beg to differ, please sound out below and give your top 5!

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joyride911369d ago

for those raised on joysticks, this is the ultimate list. a few contenders to the top five mentioned, but I cant agree more that the five have the most impact in the last few decades.

UltraNova1368d ago

Change #5 with the N64 then we can agree on that ^^^

joyride911368d ago

how did the N64 do better than the Wii? I always thought N64 was underrated and did not get enough momentum as the PS1.

UltraNova1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Simple, it had Super Mario 64 as a launch title, the 1st ever proper 3D game. Then it had Ocarina of time and Goldeneye to name a few (both widely considered as the best ever in their respective genres).

Sheer sales numbers don't always mean its the better product.

However I do recognize the Wii's evolution on motion sensors.

Then of course its my top 5 list and I stick by #5 :-)

Tzuno1368d ago

Change Wii to Snes and we have a winner.

fatstarr1368d ago

the fact that the Super-Nintendo isnt on the list...

caseh1368d ago

It's a difficult list to compile, I would struggle to place any of the consoles I've owned over the years in a specific order.

They have all had their time in the lime light with some real high points, YS on PC Engine, Shenmue on Dreamcast and FF6 on SNES are some off the top of my head.

matt1391368d ago

Wii but no xbox 360? Okay then...

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The story is too old to be commented.