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Windows 10 “Best OS Ever for PC Gaming,” says Microsoft

Despite the rocky road that Microsoft has taken in the post Windows 8 era, the company is very confident in their coming product, Windows 10, claiming the OS as the best ever for PC gaming.

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Magnus7012386d ago

Or so they say. But really, are you going to deal with constant driver issues with Linux or lack-luster support for Macs? Of course your gaming PC will run Windows. Unless you get a delicious Steam Box

Stevefantisy2386d ago

Dat steam box :-) Not really the same but I actually saw walmart carries the alienware console I wonder if they will carry the steam box also?

JoeIsMad2386d ago

Is there an official Steam box, really? I figured that was just a general expression for these like Alienware made.

pompombrum2385d ago

Well yeah but if they screw it up like with Windows 8, gamers are just going to stick to Windows 7.

Speed-Racer2386d ago

The only PC OS you mean? Don't come around here with that Mac talk. I guess when the Steam box picks up steam, we can revisit this discussion.

pop-voxuli2386d ago

“Best OS Ever for PC Gaming” eh??? I'll be the judge of that.

bahadur2386d ago

Obviously, it's gonna be best! I'm not gonna play video games on mac or linux. They're not just built for games and stuff. It just doesn't feel right playing games on a mac.

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The story is too old to be commented.