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Flip out your iPhone 6 like a boss with this trick case

The Trick Cover case is made up on one piece that houses the iPhone 6 itself. It sits on a slide track that is connected together to the cover via a swinging hinge. This means that you can slide out the phone from the closed to open position with either a simply flick of the wrist, or you can swing that bad boy around like you’re ready to take on a group of corporate ninjas.

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Are_The_MaDNess2386d ago

hmmmmmm if i ever get an inphone i will prob need this with PhantomGlass aswell...... now if only we knew what this thing was made of and how safe it is.
it got to be metal based i hope so the rails dont bend and such.

jairusmonillas2386d ago

Your iPhone or any other phone won't last long if you handle it like that.

bahadur2386d ago

No, thank you. I am not a ninja. I am a normal person who handles his iPhone better than his girlfriend. Not for me.