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This device can wirelessly charge phones up to 20 feet away

Many of us own at lease one electronic device, and it’s all fun and games until the battery dies. We’re then relegated to staying within a few feet from the wall plug (especially at airports, conventions, etc.) where space can be somewhat limited. What about wireless charging?

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Obamanationn2195d ago

ok who wants to test these out? i dont want to be the 1st person to wake up with 3rd degree burns all over my body

fr0sty2195d ago

it's just magnetic induction. probably much safer than your cell phone.

JsonHenry2195d ago

No thank you. I can get cancer easily enough from my cell phone without this.

Agent_00_Revan2195d ago

It's pretty cool you guys! If you stand close to it long enough, you can feel your balls start to tingle.

annoyedgamer2195d ago

Why do I get the feeling this could cause cancer?

bahadur2195d ago

No thank you, not for me. I'd leave it to the old tech. Don't want skin burns and/or cancer lol.