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Microsoft Calls Out Google for Disclosing Unpatched Windows 8.1 Vulnerability

Maximum PC: During the holiday break, Google's Project Zero team disclosed a vulnerability in Windows 8.1 after Microsoft failed to issue a patch within the 90-day deadline that Google gives vendors. That sparked a debate on whether or not Google did the right thing, and while many (not all) of our readers sided with Google, Microsoft has some information that warrants asking the question again. Specifically, Microsoft says it was scheduled to patch the vulnerability on Patch Tuesday, two days after Google's deadline, and that Google ignored its request to withhold details until that time.

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SilentNegotiator2204d ago

Hmmm...if they told Google that it was coming in two days, it seems pretty hasty to disclose it.

But 92 days?! WTF? You have like, 90% share of PCs and you take 92 days to patch a vulnerability, Microsoft?