Vaginal game controller SKEA aids Kegel exercise

Unorthodox control interface serves as exercise aid, carries interesting implications.

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hazelamy2388d ago

does it feature rumble?

what? >_>

wannabe gamer2388d ago

"biofeedback" (inside the body)....


bbad2388d ago

Well they got player 1 covered but what about player 2 ?

johnherlosky2388d ago

what if it's a 1 player game?

DragoonsScaleLegends2388d ago

So basically women have to play it naked in the living room and it has a rumble feature lol?

llMurcielagoll2387d ago

"So is it a sex toy? No" Make it open-source and it will become one. Or no need for open-source, hackers will come up with something lol.