TV or Not TV? 4K HD Rules at CES 2015

"At this year’s CES, 4K HD televisions were everywhere as major industry players fight it out for consumer dollars and unwavering loyalty. Having seen a few of these sets up close and personal last year at a few media events, it’s very safe to say that both resolution and image quality are phenomenal." @GamerFitnation

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Romudeth2202d ago

Do we REALLY need 4K tvs? I guess that's the way of the world.


I honestly feel that 4KTV's are going to have issues if they don't lower the price point.

Redinfamy2200d ago

The price point has been lowering because soon it will be the standard. The UHD committee is seeing to it, just like what they did with Blu-Ray. Panasonic etc.. will see to it.