Toyota hydrogen fuel cell patents released to the world

We’ve all seen the Mirai and the Lexus Limousine running on the Toyota hydrogen fuel cell technology, but we thought that the Japanese company would be a pioneer and a sole player in the world of hydrogen fuel cell. It seems the company won’t be keeping the revolutionary technology to itself, as the latest info says that they will be releasing most of their hydrogen fuel cell patents to various companies all around the world.

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thorstein2400d ago

Very cool. The car industry needs to move us away from this addiction to oil.

SmielmaN2400d ago

Definitely. And then it would cripple these terrorist supporting nations as well as their biggest exports are oil.

kingPoS2400d ago

Definitely! There's more than one way to produce hydrogen.

emilysmithltg2399d ago

Too bad that the production of hydrogen currently produces quite a lot of pollution, to be fair. But it still is a step forward when it comes to transportation and will definitely help decrease carbon dioxide emissions considerably.

Tzuno2400d ago

Japanese cars are the best, other nations they try to copy them with this one.