LyteShot Sensor-Based Mobile Gaming Platform Takes Role-Play to the Next Level

If you’re looking for a way to expand your gaming horizons, or you simply want to add a bit of fun to your workout routine, the guys at LyteShot are mixing modern gaming, advanced technology and your mobile devices to bring true and physical role-play gaming to the masses – with your help.

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Stevefantisy2400d ago

Interesting way to get gamers in shape lol

JoeIsMad2400d ago

I think that it looks like a better version of laser tag, which is great. Can't wait to see it on the shelf, but I'm worried about the cost of the headset. Google Glass is pretty expensive, and it looks like the same thing for this headset. We'll see.

Jacktrauma2400d ago

I loved Lazer Tag as a kid! Probably why I love Airsoft so much but this looks epic!

JoeIsMad2400d ago

This is way better than airsoft. Nobody gets hurt, plus you can have an actual HUD - and that's pretty awesome.

Hi3i2400d ago

I dont like this at all!!