HP Stream, Pavilion Mini are tiny Windows Desktops; Specs, Price and Release Date

TechPrezz: HP has unveiled tiny Windows 7 desktops at the CES 2015. The desktops that sit perfectly in your palm have a round shape and smooth and flat top. And there is the brand name "HP" imprinted at the top. The devices at a glance resembles a small bowl equipped with all the computer connectivity ports.

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InsidiousMind2202d ago

Everything just keeps getting smaller and smaller. I like it. Hopefully, in the future my desktop PC will become much smaller, but still retain all the power of a up-to-date Computer with state-of-the-art specs.

JamshiJack2202d ago

yup, the technology is certainly moving to the point where desktops will be smaller and still powerful.

s45gr322201d ago

My question is will it be upgradeable and I am still shocked by the price 😷