Is This The End Of The Bulb? The 'Lightpaper' That Can Turn Anything Into a Light.

"It could mean the end for lightbulbs - and turn any object in your home into a light. Researchers have revealed lightpaper, a way to print sheets of 'paper' infused with tiny LEDs. They say it can be applied to walls, and even printed onto other objects - turning anything into a light. "

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dota2champion2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I'm going to buy a dragon kite, and attach lightpaper all over it. I'm then going fly it at night, and the people will be amazed with their jaw dropping pointing to the sky "Look, A dragon" "no, it's UFO" The news media will be all over it

annoyedgamer2208d ago

Again these are LED's stop trying to take credit away from LED technology.

ironfist922208d ago

I can see it now...

light-emitting drawings of dicks everywhere...