This Beautiful Smart Watch Puts Fashion and Your Lifestyle First

Designed by the amazing mind of Michael Bastian, in cooperation with Hewlett Packard, a smart watch for those who want a watch first is waiting on your command.

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Jacktrauma2212d ago

That's a nice looking watch, and the specs are intersting to be sure, but I don't really see the need for this tech yet. Like the Samsung one, it really just doesn't make any sense to have to me.

JoeIsMad2212d ago

When I was at the Penny Arcade Expo, the smart watch actually came in very handy. Where I was extremely busy on those days, I was still able to keep my schedule with the vibration on my wrist, and I never missed a text message. There's a use for a smart watch, you much have to be too busy to not want to put of either what you're doing, or what you get in a message.

Speed-Racer2211d ago

Gotta say this looks pretty neat. Way better than the crappy Apple Watch.

Petro2211d ago

My question is, what is smart about this watch? Can I use calculator or a browser?

aranatecharete2211d ago

Smart Watches are designed to display notifications and have interaction with them in a minimalistic way, for everything else, there are smart phones.
If Samsung has made a watch that is more of a smart phone except with a camera then it doesn't mean that every manufacturer had to follow the exact same footprint.
There's always good to have options. Plus a watch should at least look like a watch not just a minimized version of a smart phone.

Petro2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Well watches that show notifications have existed for almost as long as Symbian S60, they most certainly are not smart watches. I have had Moto 360 for quite some time, and have had Sony Ericsson smart watch long before that. But this is just a watch that shows notifications, nothing smart about it.

You only need to look at phones to see how cheap Nokia phones are called "dumb phones", even tho they have calculator, browser etc.

AsmaMohd2211d ago

Battery life, compared to other smartwatches, is a dream. One of my friends have been using the watch for 6 days now and came up on 10 percent battery life remaining as we write. HP promised a week, and they seem to have delivered.