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What on Earth is Sony doing with its smartphones?

A few years ago, Sony Ericsson was one of the main players in the mobile phone market. Cybershot- or Walkman-branded handsets were everywhere, offering premium brands in desirable packages.

But then came the smartphone revolution and Sony Ericsson faltered. Sony knew it needed a big change to keep up with Samsung and LG, so bought out Ericsson and set about trying to claw back some ground – with an interesting strategy.

You'd have thought the brand would have played safe, but instead it decided to carpet bomb the market with flagship handsets.

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Devil-X2295d ago Show
ArtificiallyYours2295d ago

Trying to compete like every company does?

NewMonday2294d ago

still have the XperiaZ2, a great phone and still don't find a reason to change it.

mike32UK2294d ago

Ditto! I love my Z2 it does everything I need and then some whilst looking really good doing it

AsmaMohd2294d ago

They are trying to rebrand while still remaining in the market.

hkgamer2294d ago

the olden days with walkman and cyrbershots made sense. now its pretty hard to market a walkman phone unless you package it with expensive headphones or cybershot unless it has amazing lens and sensors.

they also know what is selling and what isnt. their flagship phone is the only one that actually sells. however since its the only one that sells and others dont they decided to release more flagships.

i personally prefer sony phones to others they are more stylish. however it does seem ridiculous releasing so many phones. my Z2 feels outdated when i see z3 plans. and so will z3 owners after z4 comes out very soon.

NewMonday2294d ago

Z3 is an improvement, but not enough yet for a change.

hkgamer2294d ago

definitely. but im on a contract for 2yrs. i bought a z2, the net one i will buy in 2 yrs is z6. thats 4 iterations away unlike other phones.

aranatecharete2294d ago

Sony may have took 4 years to built a top shelf product but they have produce great products. I know many people who own a Sony smartphone and they are quite contendend with it. Sony customers are loyal customers unlike represented in this video by CNN

Mr_cheese2294d ago

CNN are a terrible "news" outlet. They glorify trends and focus on trends whilst skipping over real news.

Don't follow the trend to fit in.

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The story is too old to be commented.