Sony Hackers Threaten U.S. News Media Organization

The Intercept: The hackers who infiltrated Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer servers have threatened to attack an American news media organization, according to an FBI bulletin obtained by The Intercept. The threat against the unnamed news organization by the Guardians of Peace, the hacker group that has claimed credit for the Sony attack, “may extend to other such organizations in the near future,” according to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security obtained by The Intercept.

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ChrisW2405d ago

These guys are going to screw themselves so hard with their hacktivism that they're going to start offering capital punishment for such crimes!

Yeah... Wishful thinking.

dota2champion2404d ago

But what if they're from outside of USA?

SilentNegotiator2404d ago

When has that ever stopped the US?

Xb1ps42404d ago


A lot of you like to say that but I guarantee you if there was ever a day that the USA is not around you will beg for the old days..

SilentNegotiator2404d ago

Way to take a blind leap there, Xb1ps4. That was is no way an inflammatory comment about the US.

Xb1ps42404d ago

Ssuuuurrreeeee it wasn't, silent......

Ssuurree it wasn't...

Besides being blind I guess I should be gullible too, right..

SilentNegotiator2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Re-read my comment and realize that there's no reason to suspect that it's inflammatory. The US takes care of a lot of international threats and criminals....OH DAMN SNAP SON what a sick burn on the USA! /s

How many people have you encountered online that make inflammatory comments about America and then back down when a single stranger on the internet says something? If I had strong feelings either way about my home country, I sure wouldn't back down because someone named "Xb1ps4" disagreed with me.

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Xb1ps42404d ago

I re-read it, And I still don't believe you but you can sit there and pretend that you meant other wise.. You're just using part of your name and trying to be a silent troll then the moment you get called out its " oh no's I didn't mean it like that I love my country!"

I've encountered many that talk ignorant and stupid to then change there mind when they realize how ignorant and stupid it really was, kind of like what you just did..

SilentNegotiator2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Believe whatever you want to believe, I guess, stranger on the internet that makes idiotic assumptions about comments, but my comment wasn't negative about America.