AMD Talks New Custom Gaming Processors

With the winds of change at AMD pushing their microprocessors to the top of the gaming charts, consoles in the future could feature more AMD technology as custom hardware falls in focus at this major manufacturer.

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JoeIsMad2216d ago

Yeah, I'm really excited. I think this is for Nintendo, but of course we won't know anything until probably E3 of next year.

zeal0us2215d ago

More than likely this is for X1 and PS4 rather than Nintendo next console. Back during the 360 run MS had hardware revisions every 2-3 years. The same could be said about Sony.

Jacktrauma2216d ago

I love me some AMD! Very stoked to see this finally happening!

Tzuno2216d ago

It is clearly for Nintendo and maybe we will see this one in Slim version of ps4 and X1, another reason to make gamers buy slim. Oh the rage coming after. :P

JoeIsMad2215d ago

I don't think that the processor design would be used on Nintendo and PS or Xbox platforms at the same time. Fully equalizing the processing power would mean crap gameplay on old generation versions of PS4 or Xbox One, assuming that the new processor will be faster.