Hackers released an enormous cache of 13,000 passwords and credit cards

On Friday, a group claiming affiliation with the loose hacker collective Anonymous released a document containing approximately 13,000 username-and-password combinations along with credit card numbers and expiration dates.

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Devil-X2400d ago

Happy New Year - "Anonymous"

Amuro2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Anonymous doesn't do stuff for the lulz, that was the defunct Lulzsec group. This is just some random hacker (or hackers) posing as Anon to troll.

edit: although you're using "", as sarcasm?

SonyWarrior2400d ago

anonymous isnt one hack group..... its made up of several. Most do stuff like this

Spiewie 2400d ago

Ridiculous how hackers can literally mess up your entire life without much effort at all.

SilentNegotiator2399d ago

And people still don't understand what "Anonymous" is...

Khronikos2399d ago

13k passwords is actually pretty pathetic all told. I am sure they spent a lot of time on that.