Roku 4 Announcement Expected Early 2015, Rumored To Offer 4K Support.

Cord Cutters News: We have been hearing for some time now that a Roku 4 will be coming out early next year. With little evidence, and only speculations, we had decided not to publish any of the rumors. Now, it seems very clear there will be an announcement in early 2015 regarding a new high end Roku set top box. We also hear the Roku LT will be discontinued, and the Roku 1 will become the new LT.

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cl19832220d ago

I understand the need foe technology to progress, but unless we get internet providers to expand higher speed internet then it's useless.

SilentNegotiator2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I hope it allows you to actually turn it off (instead of sitting there and heating up) and doesn't require a CC to be entered.

LukeBK2219d ago

I would love a sleep timer so it dose not eat into my bandwidth cap!