Secret video of 'exhausted workforce' in Chinese factory making Apple products

Think you have it bad at your current job? See the conditions that these workers at an Apple factory have to deal with. The company everyone has come to love may not be so lovable after all. Apple prides themselves as being a perfect enterprise, but look a little closer and you'll see it's all a front.

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SouthClaw2139d ago

I know but I love my Iphone 6 plus

Blasphemy2139d ago

if they had decent working conditions they might as well bring the jobs back stateside.

mushroomwig2139d ago

Unfortunately profit is more important than the well being of employees.

pompous2139d ago

No shit. It's profit over people. that's how America and the world works.

pompous2139d ago

Well yeah because with better working conditions come better pay then with just those two things all prices will go up at the consumer level to prices nobody will be happy with. But they won't come back stateside as they will just go to the next country to exploit labor.

SouthClaw2139d ago

Lets be honest there is a huge markup on iPhones and most other tech that is made in china. I would love to know how much more it would cost / how much they would make on a product to have it made in a Western country.

Be honest having everything made in china is a bad move. What if China was to close its doors one day? Or something worst.

Software_Lover2139d ago

I was reading an article about the truck of Nike Lebrons that was stolen. They caught the guy and he is getting ready for sentencing. The net worth of the truck was around 1.2 million dollars.

It was stated in the documents that Nike sold the shoes to the stores for around $84. The stores then mark up the shoes to $200-$220. I was, but wasn't, shocked. Now if Nike is selling the shoes to stores for $84 then how much profit are they (NIKE) making? It has to be ridiculously high. I'm guessing anywhere from $30-$60 per shoe.

ChrisW2139d ago

Factory working conditions are horrible everywhere in China, no matter who employs them!

IndoAssassin2139d ago

America look at what you have done.

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The story is too old to be commented.