Microsoft McLaren aka Lumia 1030 display, specs leaked

"Microsoft McLaren is the successor of the Lumia 1020 and should end up being called the Microsoft Lumia 1030, if all things are correct. Microsoft McLaren is currently the code-name for the device that has been circulating in rumors on the internet and the device so far certainly looks like the McLaren of phones, that’s for sure."

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emilysmithltg1460d ago

Pretty cool, although all that Nokia there is making me think....

ArtificiallyYours1460d ago

Metal backing and Zeiss Optics? Nice.

Rubberlegs1459d ago

Good looking for phone and I really like Lumias, I had a 980 in the past but I couldn't stand windows OS being on it and it sucks that Nokia sold there mobile phone biz to MS. Its trash when it comes to apps and support and takes forever for certain apps to come to its marketplace. For the longest time they had a really bad bug that would drain your battery within a couple hours caused by windows OS and the not the phone itself. Took MS forever to fix and it still has issues because my dad uses one.

Ehh that's my rant. Great phone, poor OS mostly because the lack of support that I'd like to see happen.