Windows 10 insiders will be able to upgrade to the final build once it launches

Microsoft says that it's their "intent" to allow Windows 10 testers to upgrade to the final RTM build when it launches next year.

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sarawithteeth1461d ago

I wonder if this move will actually help MSFT in the long run?

annoyedgamer1461d ago

They should pay me to test and upgrade after forcing me to use W8. I felt lime I was using a big smartphone on my desktop PC.

mcstorm1461d ago

For me I really like windows 8 on both touch and none touch ESP 8.1. it was also a move Microsoft had to make as part of making one os to fit them all.

Not tried windows 10 yet but from what I've seen I think it is again another step in the right direction to having one os no matter what the device.

Blasphemy1461d ago

it is terrible that is why i stuck to 7 , but how were you forced to use it?

annoyedgamer1460d ago

I bought a laptop. Remember all new PCs had W8. That is amusing because the adoption rate of Vista and W8 were much slower by manufacturers but somehow evrryone had W8 on day 1.

KingPin1461d ago

i still dont get those damn tiles.
they bulky, and take up way too much real estate on screen.
when you click start, BOOM!! half your screen is used.
its not like they widgets that gives you updated info.
what does that huge tile do in all that space that an icon cannot?