Asus PB279Q 27-inch Monitor Combines 4K Resolution with 10-bit Color

Though the 4K Ultra HD revolution is happening faster than most probably anticipated, the number of 4K monitors actually worth owning are surprisingly low. That's because of early growing pains -- low refresh rates (like 30Hz) without Multi-Stream Transport (MST) support, TN panels, and other undesirables have held the category back. That's why we're cautiously optimistic about the new Asus PB279Q, a 27-inch 4K monitor with an IPS panel.

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Devil-X1415d ago

Seems like a worthy contender to be my next monitor purchase.

ChrisW1413d ago

I'm still not sure if 4K for anything less than 50-inches it worth it... But if this is the way monitors are going, my next monitor will also be a 4K.