The Internet Is The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Songwriters

Ever since, Taylor Swift decided to give Spotify the boot, under the auspices of helping songwriters, there has been a conversation suggesting that there was somehow a golden age for songwriters when they controlled their own destiny –and the Internet killed all that. I’m here to tell you that there was never any such time and if anything, the Internet was the best thing that ever happened to musicians.

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TechImperia1419d ago

Internet is a mixed blessing in my opinion for it has benefited us but also has ruined us in many ways.

Sahil1418d ago

Spotify Is The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Song listeners :)

thorstein1417d ago

Yes. I always love listening to what the recording industry tells me to listen to by paying to have their songs played on radio, satellite radio, Pandora and Spotify.