Super Sophisticated Malware "Regin" has been Spying on Users for Years

Symantec has released a report on a malware under the name of “Regin”. This malware has been online since 2008, and has gone undetected since then. According to Re/Code who interviewed Symantec, the origin of the malware has remained unclear.

The sophistication and effort put into Regin, however, makes it clear that it was made by no basement-dwelling neckbeard from 4Chan. This is the doing of a government organization, made for espionage purposes.


It was recently confirmed that Regin Malware is linked to being used as a spy tool for GCHQ and NSA Operations. So, linked to the British and US Spy Agencies.

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InsidiousMind2158d ago

is the NSA behind Regin? Has Symantec uncovered another one of the U.S' Malware schemes, or is it China this time?

maybe it's neither--maybe it's the criminal underground gathering information on suspects/victims/anyone they can.

The sophistication of this Malware suggests a subtler and cleverer creator than that of the normal malware.

What do you think?

SnakeCQC2157d ago

Wouldn't be the first time the nsa have pulled this crap. Remember the virus that targeted Iran's infrastructure.

InsidiousMind2157d ago

Yeah, Stuxnet. It was a malware made by the US in cooperation with Israel to target Iran's nuclear missile programs. Crazy stuff.

Jrmy842157d ago

Ya, stuxnet was very sophisticated didn't do harm to anything till it found its Target Iran's centrifuge causing it to spin out of control and blow up.

InsidiousMind2157d ago

Aaaand it's been linked to the NSA and GCHQ

nix2157d ago

i am sure i'm on their watch. i hope they like all the fb posts i've made and the porn i visit.

TechImperia2156d ago

Yes, We confirm that we do like the stuff you post as well as the stuff you visit a lot.


RG_Dubz2157d ago

Meh, I guarantee it's not on my PC. XD