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Ars Technica - Yoga Pro 3 Review: Broadwell is a Mixed Blessing

Ars Technica - When Lenovo launched its first Yoga laptop, it seemed rather weird. It arrived on a wave of new Windows 8-oriented devices that tried all manner of new things to offer the best of the traditional laptop and the tablet experience. The Yoga's premise was simple: make a hinge that bends all the way around, so you can fold the laptop back on itself to make it into a sort of chunky tablet.

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Sahil2158d ago

I was extremely disappointed when I heard tgey were going with the Broadwell-Y. I have the original Yoga and was hoping to upgrade this year, but it looks like it won't be to the Yoga Pro 3. Too bad because I like everything else about it. Seems like this should have been the plain Yoga 3 and then have a Broadwell-U based Yoga Pro 3.

Sahil2158d ago

I too was disappointed with the keyboard, and for that reason, having waited to see what the Y P 3 would deliver have simply decided to go elsewhere. Not sure where, yet, mind.

Sahil2158d ago

I'd have liked to see the ThinkPad Yoga tossed into the mix, as well.

Bothers me they call these things "Pro" but then have a version in their actual pro line -- in case the marketing has managed to convince you otherwise, these are still IdeaPads, not ThinkPads.

Sahil2158d ago

So your saying find a good deal on the now 'obsolete' Pro 2 while you have a chance.

Edit: Seems the i7 version of the pro 2 with 8 GB of ram and 256 GB ssd is still readily available for $1200 or less.