Xperia Z4 Specifications, Release Date, Rumors And Price

Xperia Z4 is an average leap from Xperia Z3. The phone will help kick-start Sony’s 2015 and its expected to be debuted at the CES in January.

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proudly_X2164d ago

4 GB RAM? What the hell do we need that for? iPhone with a smaller RAM still has better performance.. :/

reddevilandy102164d ago

Can we ever have enough RAM though, really? :)

chadwarden2163d ago

If you need more RAM, just download it

mcstorm2162d ago

@proudly some windows phones also has less ram than both but they are different types of OS's.

Android is alot like windows mobile where it can do many things as dose not close apps that are in the background the same way IOs and windows phone do. So giving an android more ram is better for the OS like it was for windows mobile too.

Spiewie 2162d ago

The more RAM the better but then again it is a phone and has more RAM than an average laptop...

Sahil2153d ago

Those specs look phenomenal.