Facebook Updates Privacy Policy Using Plain Language

Our legal system being what it is, things like terms and conditions are often spelled out in legalese that are long, boring, and sometimes difficult to understand. It's the reason most people don't bother to read EULAs and other fine print. Would you have guessed that Facebook would be the one do things different? Ironic, considering that Facebook is often criticized for privacy policies. Nevertheless, Facebook today introduced Privacy Basics, a plain language interpretation of its privacy rules, along with tips and a how-to guide to make sure things are the way you want them to be.

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InsidiousMind1439d ago

It seems as if Facebook is making a turn for the better. First, they made a .onion link for anonymous connection. Now they are updating their privacy policy to plain english. It seems Facebook is surprising me with new, actually useful and good updates more frequently now. Ones that don't actually invade your life.

This is not to say that FB does not do this anymore, im just observing that it may be turning away from it, in accordance with public backlash.