Sony Announces PlayStation Vue

"Sony has divulged details on its new internet television service called PlayStation Vue via The New York Times. The video service will require a PlayStation console to stream and delivers both live and on-demand programs."

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Minimoth2172d ago

Even more services? Sony should really focus on making more games instead.

Saijahn2172d ago

it's interesting how everybody was so against the media functionality with the xbox one yet look at sony getting in on the same action.

SmokingMonkey2172d ago

You're both idiots.

The PS3 was the original multimedia and gaming device.

How's that Blu-Ray player in your Xbone treating you?

Cryptcuzz2172d ago

When you market a video game console, you market it as a video game console first right? Sony did that and look how far ahead the PS4 is compared to the X1. Whereas MS went with TV, TV, sports, Kinect from the get go and you can see the difference.

Now that they are in the lead and enough units are in consumers hand, wouldn't it be a perfect time to introduce services that will compliment the videogame side of the PS4?

Clarence2172d ago

No it's interesting that everybody was against the PS3 multi media function and bluray, now those same people say that bluray and multi media functions are great.

gangsta_red2172d ago


No, MS was upfront and told the consumers exactly what they wanted their console to be An all purpose media box.

Sony on the other hand went the underhanded way and just told gamers exactly what they wanted to hear while all the time they were planning the exact same thing MS was doing and got blasted by fanboys for.

People always like to say how dirty MS is but at least they were honest and gave you the whole picture while Sony just fed a lot of people what they ONLY wanted to hear.

VforVideogames2172d ago

gangsta_red :
you hit the nail right on the head. And its true ps4 is turning into a multi-media console with no games an XboxOne was a multi-media to begin with and has games ...... go figure.

Fatal-Aim2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

@ Saijahn


PlayStation has been an entertainment device since the PS1 (CD player)

every system after that has followed it's lead including the portable devices. so to assume the PS4 would be a games only console only makes you look even more like a clueless idiot.

there is a huge difference when you cripple your console's specifications around tv tv tv rather than building the console around GAME DEVELOPEMENT and then using tv as a secondary source of entertainment. this is what Sony meant by not focusing on a media box.

kurruptor2172d ago

The Xbox has more games comments are truly delusional.

thereapersson2172d ago

@ SmokingMonkey

I think the verbal beat down that the Xbox One received this generation has left even it's fans with brain damage.

Ol_Boy2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

@gangsta_red and vforvideogames

Are you guys being sarcastic? Because if you're not than you guys are completely oblivious to what's going on in the real world. Sony made a gaming console and are now adding multimedia services. MS made a multimedia and gaming console and you can see the difference in performance between the two now. BOTH companies were upfront about the type of machine they developed.

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S2Killinit2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Hope your not comparing to other consoles. because....

they have the most

the backlash to xbox's announce was due to about 4 years of inactivity on the part of MS in catering to the core gamers, and focusing instead on casuals, and "media functionality". Sony has never been in that position. They have always been a gaming console first. (as evidenced by 3 generations of providing games to the end/and beyond each generation)

TheFanboySlayer2172d ago

It's not like Sony has its world wide studios all working on games -__-

emilysmithltg2172d ago

It's a shame it's only limited to NY. It's a good idea, though, I hope it becomes successful.

Devil-X2172d ago

Yeah, Please focus on making games like we have for Xbox.

GTgamer2172d ago

Ps4 has more games than Xbox but okay buddy.

VforVideogames2171d ago

Probably but non of those games are worth mentioning.

PsyMonk3y2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Nice idea doubt it'll ever see the light of day anywhere other than the US though.

We're still waiting for Playstation Now and even when that arrives we'll no doubt have to pay much more for the same service than Americans do.

Sony Logic $10 = £10 :|

vivid832172d ago

I know brits are apparently made of money

caseh2172d ago

Economies are bizarre.

If Americans were paying the same price we pay for games most probably wouldn't bother.

As for fuel, there would no doubt be riots.

Cryptcuzz2172d ago

If the price is right and enough content is available, I will sign up to this. Dropped Direct TV a month ago, since I was paying for basically a handful of channels that I would watch from time to time.