This app helps you unplug with out missing a beat

Looking for a way to unplug but without the worry of missing an important call? This app will solve all your problems.

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KnowTechie2408d ago

After a few weeks with this app, I found it to be quite useful.

TheFanboySlayer2408d ago

Yea I think it's cool. It tells me eeeeeverything lol

Speed-Racer2408d ago

Damn, I'm afraid to go on your site at work lol. Too much half nudity on the left side.

KnowTechie2408d ago

lol, there's no nudity on the site....What are you referring to?

Speed-Racer2408d ago

On the left below the Google Plus box, there's How to Lose Weight stuff and girls in bikinis etc. Obviously not too work friendly.

Devil-X2402d ago

I was seeing this kind of stuff on techspy all the time so had to install ABP to get rid of it.

Speed-Racer2402d ago

Ya, the bosses installed MDIG. I'm not happy about it but I guess it's temporary. The new site is on the way.

KnowTechie2408d ago

Yikes, now I know what you're talking about. Thanks for that heads up!

Spiewie 2406d ago

I heard about this app before had it for a while but then I deleted it due to my ridiculously high statistics...