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NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 Reportedly Arriving in November

Nvidia is preparing to launch 8GB versions of their flagship. The Gtx 980 8Gb variant will give the huge boost to sale.

Well, Gtx 980 has 4Gb of VRAM and considering single Graphics Card, 4Gb is more than enough for gaming and also more than enough for mods. But when you come to the 4k Resolution then the story is a little bit different as huge resolution requires more memory and bus width. From the AMD side R9 290X is leading in the more bus width race with 512 bits, so it has an automatic advantage over any 256 bit GPU.

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Tech4Gamers3317d ago

yea no doubt. 8Gb variant will give the Boost to the sale.

Are_The_MaDNess3317d ago

Skyrim is going to look godly with this much VRAM for all those textures <3

cyclindk3317d ago

Finally catching up to PS4 I see... :) I'm just effin with yal :)

I want one of these... but I need everything else to go with it, mobo, processor, system RAM, SSD... I'm so outdated right now.

madjedi3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Those will probably be $650-700 easy(gpus), i am looking at $1250-1300, for a full rebuild.

Amazon has the 4690k i5 for $200 atm, if you haven't heard of It is useful for getting a decent ball park price for the total build.

But if your considering a 980, budget might not too much of a issue for you.

The 970 and 980 cards seem to sold out in alot of online shops, i wonder if the first batch of cards was a small shipment.

Worth noting supposedly alot of 970 series cards have coil whine issues, with evga getting most of the complaints.

Kalowest3317d ago

Microcenter has the i7 4970k for $280, go for that if you live close to one.

madjedi3317d ago

Thx might switch to i7 but still, waiting to decide on if i want to spend more or just go with the i5's.

It's amazing how quickly it can add up, when you get picky about have decent\quality components.

R6ex3316d ago

The 970 gives you much better value per $$. The 980 gives you extra 15% performance at an extra 60% $$ premium. Plus, when you sell your 970 in future - either for a GM200 or GP100 card - your loss is less significant compared to the 980.

Tech4Gamers3316d ago

I agree with your point, the GTX 970 is best card in terms of Value For Money.

NovusTerminus3316d ago

However with games requiring 6GB Vram, regardless the reason. SLI'd 970's might be able to run it power wise, but if it is over in terms of VRAM, that is a harder fix.

This is tempting just due to the rising requirement of VRAM.

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