T-Mobile’s CEO just unleashed a tweetstorm about the Apple SIM

John Legere, Robin Hood of the mobile industry and CEO of T-Mobile just unleashed an unrelenting tweetstorm about this whole Apple SIM toboggle.

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SilentNegotiator2046d ago

Carriers wield way too much control over the phones/devices themselves.

Soldierone2046d ago

I forget who it was, I think Sony or Samsung, they said that its the carriers fault that so many companies go under. The carriers always want new phones, exclusives, and stuff for them. Otherwise they threaten to drop you from their service etc...

Thus we get 15 variations of phones all the time. Only Apple really has the power to say no to them.

Soldierone2046d ago

Being a Verizon customer, they make it as hard as possible to switch. Not only from a contract point, but hardware. Their stuff is not compatible with anything and they refuse to change those ways. It seriously gets annoying.

With my 4G dropping every day for the past week I don't even know what I pay for anymore.... I seem to only get 4G at 5AM to around 7, then it's 3G or worse....

ironfist922045d ago

Yikes, trying to understand all that was confusing as hell.

We get the option to choose what phone we want, with what provider, and change at any time, unless youre on a plan.