Man Sells For $200,000

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donated $100m to facilitate research on Ebola remedies, a feat that made him the single biggest donor to the Ebola outbreak.

Meanwhile, someone else has managed to make money out of the crises.

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JamshiJack2424d ago

aha so whenever there is a crisis like this, we should register its name as a domain ;)

SilentNegotiator2423d ago

I doubt the IP still had that new smell to it in 2014...ebola isn't new.

Software_Lover2424d ago

Damn, I missed my chance to pay my house off. I have got to be smarter next time. Should have bought some apple stock in 99 lol.

mushroomwig2424d ago

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Right now there are companies selling stocks dirt cheap that'll go on to make billions, it's just impossible to tell which ones!

thorstein2424d ago

It's so hard to find out what idiots will buy into before they start buying into it.

Soldierone2423d ago

If I'm not mistaken he actually originally wanted 400k, plus he is a person that does this for a living. He buys domains just to hold and sell later.

Thus he also got etc...

plmkoh2423d ago

Before you guys talk about 'would've' 'should've' 'could've'. He paid ~$13.5k for in 2008.

No one would do that.

thorstein2423d ago

The return on his investment is almost 150%.