J-deite Quarter is a Transformer that can walk and drive in real life

Techprezz: Many of you must have watched the movie Transformers, but have you ever imagined a world full of such robots that can transform? Well, such world may not be that far from now. A team in Japan has come up with such one that literally transforms. The robot is called J-deite Quarter and the aim of the team behind the robot is to make full-fledged transformer..

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JamshiJack2426d ago

This one really looks cool but am wondering what it would be like if countries build transforming war machine like this?

proudly_X2425d ago

I saw the news earlier, I was like WTF!!! Impressive

JamshiJack2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

lol yup it is indeed impressive and we could see real transformer-like vehicles in the future who knows !

InsidiousMind2425d ago

That's Crazy!!!m It's like my childhood dream come true haha

Tech4Gamers2425d ago

Why it didn't come in my Childhood ;_;