Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Giving Out $100m To Tackle Ebola

Ebola Virus Disease isn’t new; it’s been with mankind for over three decades with several outbreaks. However, the 2014 outbreak has been the most dreadful and catastrophic, claiming close to 3,000 lives in Africa

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proudly_X2425d ago

Not bad for me, "This donation makes him the largest individual donor in the Ebola crisis so far."

Had the virus not cross the shores of Africa, this wouldn't have been the case.

#Respect Allen!

JamshiJack2424d ago

But am skeptical about this Ebola thing, maybe you want to call me conspiracy nutjob lol but look this hype and fake propaganda videos mainstream media throwing around in favor of Ebola and slogans like "Ebola is Real" everywhere, I really don't understand why they should do it if it is soo real?. I think these Donations are nothing but Business and a push for a global vaccination campaign..

johny52424d ago

The reason why there's propaganda is exactly for the fact that a good majority of Africans don't believe in Ebola!

The hypocrisy is when they do get it they start believing it! Which sadly by then is too late! The country has an average IQ of 70! What do you expect?

proudly_X2424d ago

Someone who thinks Africa is a country, just like Sarah Palin, doesn't have the right to say what level of IQ, Africans have..

poo.. @johny5

iamnsuperman2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Is a push for a global vacancies a bad thing? With where Ebola thrives it isn't going to make huge amounts of money for anyone. The Ebola is real slogan was made for what johny5 mentioned. There is a big problem getting the message across that Ebola is a serious problem (which it is for less economic developed countries but not a huge problem for other more economically developed countries). It is crippling some of the countries affected

JamshiJack2424d ago

@iamnsuperman just research about the recent history of the company that has apparently developed/developing a vaccine to counter Ebola and in that case, these Global vaccination campaign can't be trusted , their intention is not to save you from this virus instead, make money out of that and it is profitable and in Africa more people die of hunger and malnutrition and what they need is not vaccine but food, clean water, schools etc...

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The_Blue2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )


"calls Africa a country then speaks on IQ" (sips tea)

For some reason all this Ebola talks makes me wanna replay Crysis 2.

johny52424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

I was actually talking in retrospect "specifically Sierra Leone", If I wanted I could have put "countries", but I was mentioning the worst hit country by Ebola. If you actually read the article you would know that, but you didn't because your angry!


Your average Sahara African by the way wouldn't even be able to form a 3rd grade sentence, let alone argue about punctuations!

proudly_X2424d ago

Don't even try to spin it. You got owned already.. :D

bioflex2424d ago

So your saying since [they] can't form a sentence in some ones else's language it makes them dumb huh? Your really pathetic. I bet there are lots of folk in africa who are more intelligent than you are.

KingPin2423d ago

"Your average Sahara African by the way wouldn't even be able to form a 3rd grade sentence"

yet the nigerians are able to scam first world americans who have college degrees out of thousands of dollars...go figure.

cell9892424d ago

What I don't understand is how it's more out of control now than it ever has, with all the guidelines and safety precautions of today's technology vs the old days where there was 0 control wtf! Just goes to show something is not right about this