Lumia 1020 vs Lumia 830: A very in depth camera test

Microsoft is currently releasing the Lumia 830 worldwide, and it’s dubbed as an affordable flagship with its high-end design and its 10MP PureView six-element Zeiss lens featuring their thinnest version of optical image stabilization.

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Devil-X2434d ago

Trust me, you don't need a DSLR when you have a Lumia 1020 in your pocket.

JamshiJack2433d ago

yup Lumia 1020 is certainly a great camera smartphone, I think no device out there yet to beat it ...

MrOlympia742433d ago

I really hope they make a successor to the 1020 with a faster camera. The 1020 will be King of smartphone photography for a long time

mcstorm2432d ago

It should be interesting to see how Microsoft Push Lumia going forward as we now know that the nokia name is being dropped from their devices.

I am kind of hoping they make some different versions of phones as ide love to see MS pushing a phone for photos, Phone for business, Phone for gaming and a phone for price as well as other parts of the market.

I have a Lumia 925 and it has been one of the best phones ive owned and has an amazing camera.