Father-son duo sue Facebook, Ferrari

A Swiss father and his son who gained millions of Facebook Inc followers through their Ferrari SpA fan pages sued the social media company and the carmaker claiming they teamed up to illegally seize control of the websites. The lawsuit filed in California state court follows earlier legal spats in Europe between Olivier and Sammy Wasem and the sports car company over their "Ferrari Fan Page" and a "Formula 1 Vision" page.

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TechImperia2435d ago

I wonder if these fan pages really have any commercial value in the real world.

Devil-X2435d ago

According to the lawsuit "an independent study released in 2013" claiming that an individual Facebook "fan" is worth $174 to a brand owner and "up to more than $1,000 per fan for luxury automobile companies."

Talk about commercial values. LOL!!!

feedthereaper2433d ago

They have no argument, its clear in the Facebook terms that you are not allowed to use brand names as pages and in doing so may cause the page to be removed or transferred to the legitimate brand.
If you don't agree with the terms, don't register a page. You can't just ignore the terms for your own gain and then cry over it when the brand follows the rules!