Apple Ignores Billions Of Customers To Target Wealthy Elites With iPhone 6 and iWatch

With the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and soon to be released
iWatch, it's apparent that Apple are back to marketing their devices to an elitist group of wealthy design conscious consumers.

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conjurdevil2434d ago

"An iPhone 6 and Apple Watch could easily cost you up to $6000 dollars on a two year contract."

umm how?!

Speed-Racer2434d ago

Maybe he's talking about a different and lower currency? I dunno.

Tiqila2434d ago

I think its a typo and he meant 600 + two year contract

SilentNegotiator2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

$600?! That's Bill Gates money, bro!

...did he expect a wireless digital accessory watch to an expensive line of phones, combined with the phone itself, to be for like, the average consumer?

hiredhelp2434d ago

This a joke or a stupid hate on apple.

hkgamer2434d ago

wealthy elites?

so a $400 - $800 watch is targeted to elites and not the average consumer?

2pacalypsenow2434d ago

average consumers dont buy $800 watches

Speed-Racer2434d ago

The Apple Watch is $350 I think.

Aloren2434d ago

average consumers don't really buy $350 watches either.

steven83r2434d ago

Well if you want the watch you have to spend $1200 as the watch doesn't work without the Phone which cost 800.

Kribwalker2434d ago

Sounds like this article is written by a potatoe sack wearing hipster.

n4f2434d ago

Bu-but hipsters love apple

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The story is too old to be commented.