The iPad mini 3 is a complete waste of money (almost)

Apple has always received flak for selling their products at a premium compared to other smartphone and tablet manufacturers, but even if we let them off the hook for everything they’ve done so far, the iPad Mini 3 falls under that category of inexcusably expensive products.

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mcstorm2439d ago

Its really simple to work out the difference between the mini and mini 3 it has a fingerprint reader that is the only difference but what I don't get is the reviews give this and the air 3 amazing reviews and I still can't work out why.

Yes they are both easy to use and look nice but there is really not much difference from the last gen ipad now.

If anyone else did this but apple they would get slated. I mean bragging about being 18% thinner than the 1st air is really not a lot of difference. Bragging about having apple pay when it really is not the same NFC as everything else as its an app that needs an internet connection.

I really wish the hype for apple products would really start to tone down as apple don't deserve the credit the devices get anymore.

I don't hate apple before anyone thinks I do but looking at it from a technology view the I devices really lack way behind other devices on the market but people are quick to point out faults in devices from Sony, htc, Nokia, Microsoft etc but never do it to Apple ones.

shadowknight2032439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

We're talking about a change in cpu processing and that's really it. Granted the increase in power is nice, but seriously Galaxy tabs offer more, and most handheld games don't offer the requirements needed to put stress on these high tech cpu's. It seems like it's more of a marketing tool nowadays, "here's a faster newer cpu" to replace your already fast but old device.

mytechupdate2438d ago

Anything Apple is complete waste of money.. :p

Antifan2438d ago

It's sad Apple still don't have multiple tasking features. Their devices are so far behind compared to Android.