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Google launches new Hangouts App for Windows and Chrome OS

Techprezz: Google has launched a new Hangouts app for Windows and Chrome OS. The app replaces the older Chrome browser extension while keeping its voice or video calls to contacts regardless of the devices they are using.

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KnowTechie2409d ago

I'll have to try this out. Although, they don't have the best track record.

JamshiJack2409d ago

I tried it and the good thing about it is that it stands out from other apps opened so that you can always have an eye on the app and access it, however, if you want to have a video chat via hangouts it will take you to browser ... I think they should have added a separate Window loading on the desktop instead of taking us to Browser for video or voice hangouts....

KnowTechie2406d ago

yea, that's kind of weak that they would do even do that.