6 Cases That Will Make You Upgrade Your iPhone

Brittany Vincent of Modojo writes:

"Maybe you've already upgraded or maybe you're on the fence, but with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, manufacturers are going back to the drawing board and we are seeing the first wave of some new and really cool case designs. Hopefully, some of those on the fence will be inspired to go ahead and take the plunge after checking out a few of our favorite new cases."

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1Victor2408d ago

I will stay with the outer box I have it for my droid maxx since day one and the phone look like it just came out of the box minus the usual dust from the years of use. I will buy the outerbox for my iPhone 6+ when I get it later this month.Although the kick stand is nice on one of the 6 cases it's sadly not enough for me to get it because the case doesn't raise high enough to protect the screen if the phone fall face first wile the outerbox does and it worked for me before and more than likely will do again.