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Too lazy to hit up the ATM? This app will deliver you cash

You'll never have to leave the house again with this new app that delivers cash to your front door!

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KnowTechie2414d ago

I have yet to try this out, but interested to hear if anyone had the chance already...

JamshiJack2414d ago

sounds cool, am not that lazy though ... ;)

KnowTechie2414d ago

yea, same here. However, it's ideal anytime you're working at the office and unable to step out for whatever reason. This is where I can see it come handy.

1Victor2413d ago

Its not about been lazy its about having a bank branch too far away from your home and remembering you got no cash for X or Y food delivery tip or the laundry coins

KnowTechie2412d ago

You make a valid argument

mushroomwig2412d ago

Don't stores/shops offer cashback where you live?

1Victor2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Only if you have a debit card and not all of them do the cash back. It's a good idea but I don't see it going up to to far from rich neighborhoods,case in point they are working on Manhattan NYC, I'm willing to bet that it won't go anywhere near the outer boroughs like Brooklyn or Bronx.

The_Blue2412d ago

I'm all for combating greedy banks and their outrageous practices.