VLC for Windows 8.1 released, get it in the Windows Store now!

VLC for Windows 8.1 is now available on the store! It is the same link for Windows 8, and you can find the download link below (again, only for 8.1 users).

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Devil-X2413d ago

No Thanks! I am going to stick to my current desktop version for now.

Devil-X2411d ago

I installed it just for fun and to conform it SUCKS!

SouthClaw2411d ago

I love VLC been using it for as long as I can remember. One of the first programs I download when I do a fresh install.

Saying that I downloaded VLC app from windows store when I installed windows 8. It was crap like every other app. I find the apps to be slow to start up and just a nuisance. Give me the proper program any day. I still love VLC but stay away from the app version its just not as good.

Speed-Racer2411d ago

Yea, Windows Store apps seem to generally be crap. I tried Win 10 the other day and downloaded Skype and a few other programs. DIdn't realized how stripped down they were.

kevinsheeks2411d ago

I have vlc player or whatever its the only vlc i like after that they get more n more sucky :\