HTC Desire Eye with 13MP Front and Rear Camera and Dual-LED flash leaks

Techprezz: So latest leaks have revealed more about the upcoming device codenamed HTC Desire Eye. Apart from some more pics of the device, more details on specification have also been tipped.

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JamshiJack2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

now companies are competing on selfie devices thus more powerful camera on both sides... that is good thing anway..

proudly_X2415d ago

Haha.. Selfie is now the big thing... Sony was the benchmark earlier with its 5.0 front-facing camera.. but HTC just killed it..

JamshiJack2415d ago

I really don't understand the Selfie thing, a study suggests people who take too much selfies are Narcissists ... anyway this selfie Fever has pushed companies to offer better front cameras that can also be used for video calls ... that is a good thing...

bahabeast2411d ago

im just happy companies are upgrading front cameras, some of them use to be horrible.