Is the Internet Losing the War for Net Neutrality? Stop Comcast, Act!

The war for net neutrality has been raging on ever since Comcast started lobbying against the practice. The internet responded full-force, inciting over 4.7 Million comments to be filed to the FCC since March, and over 2 MILLION people taking action on September 10th, the day of the Internet Slowdown-- a very important date to keep in mind in this Cyber War.

The question remains, however: Will future generations experience the freedom that Net-Neutrality has made possible for the internet in the last few decades? Will our children, the children of our children, and yet again, the children of those children, be able to experience the crazy cat videos in the heyday of the net? Will the internet be just another date in a textbook-- "Until the early fall of 2014, the internet was the Wild-West of the late 20th and early 21st century". When, in any other period of history, has there been such freedom to connect and share with people across the world in a matter of seconds.

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StealthTactics2412d ago

This is a must. The internet NEEDS to act against Comcast and Time Warner. Net Neutrality is not lost, but it needs us.

Nubix2232412d ago

This is an ultra-important issue right now, and it needs to be addressed. Act!

and that video is amazing :P

Gondee2410d ago

At least in the US, look at the shit we have to deal with. We tried so hard to stop some of these internet regulations, then only hours after the Boston bombing they pass parts of SOPA. Its a disgusting game of economic greed. Its so obvious that companies get the first say in legislation and its our responsibility to fight it.

diesoft2410d ago

Comcast and Time Warner already stay out of each others' way. They are HORRIBLE companies and if they merge, they will have FAR too much influence and unhappy customers' money (usually with little alternative for subscribers).

They're part of an oligopoly which is somehow perfectly legal and great cost to us (time warner and a handful of other companies got together and agreed on pretty much offering the same thing, same price so it really won't matter where we go. We're screwed).

Soldierone2410d ago

We already lost. Our modern government works for corporations. Time Warner and Comcast dump a few bucks into a politician pocket and we lose.

We have Google and Netflix on our side, but they will only go so far. They will probably end up agreeing to a deal that protects themselves, then jump ship. While consumers get screwed.

Sad state of affairs, but really paying attention to it, our government is on a crash course and we really have no power to stop any of it.

Gondee2410d ago

That last line is spot on, good day sir

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