Is Windows 95 the reason Microsoft skipped Windows 9?

This Tuesday Microsoft revealed to the world their new operating system Windows 10, leaving many scratching their heads asking why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 as that was widely expected to be the official name of the OS.

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Genova842413d ago

Without reading this article, I'm going to say "No, there was also Windows 98 .."

ChrisW2413d ago

Reading before posting helps...

It actually states both 95 and 98 in the article.

Genova842413d ago

Word. Pretty short article too. I just can't wait for DX12.

andrewer2412d ago

LOL, a simple if (version.equals("Windows 95") || version.equals("Windows 98") would let Microsoft name their OS as they want. How can one be so lazy xD

masterfox2412d ago

damn now we have to wait for the better version windows 11, don't forget that is always one good one bad, so WIndows 10 is the bad version. am i right ? :D

Soldierone2412d ago

I know you are joking, but windows 8 was the bad one :P

So Since Windows 10 "works off 8" then we have to wait for "Windows Goldfish Nuggets" ;)