US Law Enforcement: Smartphones Are Too Hard to Monitor

"The new and much more sophisticated encryption methods used by Apple’s latest operating system and the new Android version to be released soon make smartphones harder to monitor, preventing law enforcement officials to access the information needed to conduct investigation, according to US officials."

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Tiqila2416d ago

"He expressed his concern about this matter that companies are marketing something that would expressly allow people to place themselves beyond the reach of the law."

these companies are marketing something that enforces each persons right to privacy. Actually they only make it a little harder for NSA and FBI to violate human rights.

Crazay2415d ago

No they aren't. I used to work for a company that makes the software and hardware to monitor these devices. I used to set up lines on Blackberry and apple devices all the bloody time. My buddy works for a large telco here and his whole purpose in life is to aid Law Enforcement Agencies set up surveillance lines. They can trace your location right down to withing about 20 meters of where you're standing if they so desire.

Soldierone2415d ago

It's just a PR stunt to try and get a few dumb people to ease up about the spying. Oh yeah it's too hard.... the NSA only has a system that cane break a code in a matter of hours.... but it's too hard to monitor just as much data.....