Men with bigger bellies last longer in bed, according to new study

It looks like size really does matter, but in a different sense? Researchers at Erciyes University in Kayserim, Turkey have found that men with excess body fat tend to last longer in bed, and for a pretty interesting reason.

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sjaakiejj2416d ago

Either that or skinny people just have hotter girlfriends

RobbyGrob2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Possibly. I was instantly thinking that it's probably about being too lazy to perform and thus taking longer to get the job done.

"Their research was conducted over a one year period comparing over 100 men who were being treated for sexual dysfunction to 100 other men who recorded much longer lasting times in the sack."

Why on earth do they bring in people with dysfunction into this though? There should have been a separate test for each group instead. I don't really see the point with testing the weight of dysfunctional people as the results won't be applicable to the common man anyway. They don't even provide numbers on how many from each group had what weight, so the results is a tainted mystery.

wannabe gamer2415d ago

possibly because not lasting long enough is a dysfunction related problem.....

RobbyGrob2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

@wannabegamer No shit. But dysfunction doesn't necessarily have anything to do with weight is what i mean. It may be entirely psychological, bound to their history more than anything else. That's yet another important detail they don't mention in the results. This entire study has several fundamental flaws. What they said they were testing was how long people lasted in bed. Not whether they lasted "long enough". I don't think they even intended to have a "long enough" in this study.

What they have done here, seemingly without understanding it themselves, is to have two separate studies combined into one. It's "how does dysfunctional people compare to normal people", and "how does skinny people compare to fat people". You can't have that in the same study because all the data from the dysfunctional group is irrelevant to normal men and vice versa. No skinny man with a normal sexual function lasts as little as 1.8 minutes. You see what i mean? They might as well have gone to a place with 100 sexually dysfunctional overweight people and found that the results are actually reversed that time.

What would be interesting to see is the weight ratios of say 1,000 men who all share the same normality both in sexual function and sexual history. The men need to be as equal as possible to be able to get accurate results from a study that's supposed to find differences entirely based on weight. You can't just take random people into such a study, and certainly not people who already are confirmed dysfunctional. This is madness. Some people are not going to last very long due to having very little experience. Some people, like @sjaakiejj said, due to simply not being very physically attracted to their partners. Etc etc etc, there's tons of variables for this stuff that they didn't even think about in this study. It's complete garbage.

thorstein2413d ago

It just means they masturbate more.

The more you masturbate, the stronger your muscle is going to be. The stronger your muscle, the more you can endure.

This is not rocket science.

UnwanteDreamz2415d ago

Yeah hot or not finishing too soon all the time, she aint stickin around for long.

wannabe gamer2415d ago

so you suggest all skinny people have sex with the lights on?

Lord_Sloth2416d ago

Like I always say, yeah, everybody loves a six-pack, but a keg lasts a lot longer.

ThanatosDMC2415d ago

Them fat flabs are obtrusive and not hitting that mark. Just the head?

2415d ago
mamotte2415d ago

"Men with bigger bellies last longer in bed, according to new study"


Sorry, couldnt resist.

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