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Things iOS 8 Still Can't Do

Love the iOS 8? Here are a few things it still can't do. Better keep using an android phone instead.

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Community2446d ago
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umarsrao2446d ago

Nice Article that clearly and straight forwardly explains what iOS still can't do.

mohsin25962446d ago

Thanks bro :) Have anything to add to this ?

umarsrao2446d ago

Yeah, I am working on the 2nd Part of this article! :)

1Victor2446d ago

I never rooted any of my android device so most of those thing won't make a difference for me or the regular Joe that wants to switch to iPhone. If anything that androids have that iPhone don't is the back buttom now that is a feature that you should think about twice especially when surfing the net and wanting to return to the last page faster than your boss can see the site you're in

mohsin25962446d ago

Hahaha that's a funny point to consider

cell9892446d ago

Jail breaking is almost like rooting. People act like rooting your android is something your average person can do, in that case they can also jailbreak their iPhone. Now the back button, yeah that's a very useful button

ChickeyCantor2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Rooting your android is simple as downloading a desktop tool that roots it for you on one click. So yes your average joe can definitely do it.
( and yes it works and I've used it on my android phone as well, I basically wanted to delete some factory apps )

Rooting is mostly handy for low level access that pretty much can affect your android os in every way. Even if your jailbreak your iphone you still can't do half the things Android can.

But I honestly don't get why I'd pay 500+ on an iphone just to jail break it with limited capabilities.

Gondee2446d ago

Another garbage blog style post of obvious fan boy click bait.
Lets continue to polarize everything and circle jerk to what we already know, that way we don't have to learn, or be open minded, or any of that over rated shit. :)

ChickeyCantor2446d ago

How could you not learn from feature comparisons?

SirBradders2446d ago

I didn't read anything that was false information in the article. He has a fair point when apple iPhone are sold at a premium price way more than competitors, yet build is cheap and software is far behind.

Gondee2444d ago

You wrong on all accounts. Its 200 on contract, the same as every other flagship. Software is extremely mature, somewhat limiting, but its better for it. Build quality is industry leading, have you held an Iphone before? Sometimes i just get the idea everyone on here has decided to defend their fan-boy product at the expense of relaxing and experiencing other products for what they offer. Your the only one missing out you know...

s45gr322446d ago

SD memory card not found on iPhone, as much as I like cloud saving the sd card is far more private, and no need for internet connection to access your saved stuff.

mohsin25962446d ago

That would be a hardware thing ... Not something iOS 8 can't do

Qbanj692446d ago

So much easier to develop for iOS though...

ChickeyCantor2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

No it isn't. It really is not.

You don't need to have some membership to get started. The ADK and NDK are free for use. On top of that there are other languages ( such as haxe ) that allow you to cross compile to android and iphone. You are even free to distribute your APK (android app ) freely without google store.

If you have something against Java, that's something else. That does not mean iOs is an easier platform to work on. If anything they are equally easy if you have the right programming skills.

sjaakiejj2446d ago

Not entirely true. As much as I like Android, it certainly isn't easier or as easy to develop for it as iOS due to two factors:

2) Guarantee it'll work across iOS devices

The problem with android applications comes in when you have to make them compatible across various devices and versions of the operating system, which involves a lot of trail and error.

ChickeyCantor2446d ago

That isn't entirely true either sjaakiejj. You target a minimum SDK ensuring it works on other devices as well.

Gondee2444d ago

Android is easier, but its like wrangling fat bitch. Casting everything, getto object names, and a sense of immaturity. It has that open source java feel to it. In my experience getting everything the way you want it visually, to convey the experience you want, is pretty much impossible. When i build most of them for my Note 3, they look nothing like they did on the emulator.

IOS comes together visually nice, and I generally feel like I get exactly what i put in. Makes it easy to get the app experience i wanted. The plugins are really really high quality.