Can Technology Bring the Dead Back to Life?

Ray Kurzweil is a well renowned engineer, because of his advancement in the fields of text, speech and audio technology. Kurzweil can brag about being an inventor, entrepreneur, visionary, RayKurzweil1200and working for Google as the Director of Engineering. As the inventor of the first optical character recognition system (OCR), a software used to transform written words into data used as a reading equipment for the blind, for recreating grand piano music, and to make a commercially marketed software to recognize speech, he is definitely a person important to technology. Moreover, he has written some of New York’s best-selling books that include ‘How to Create a Mind’, ‘The Singularity is near’, and ‘The Age of Spiritual Machines’. Google has allotted around $250,000 for his graduating school, Singularity University, where students’ main focus will be biotech, robots and artificial intelligence. After a 10 week course, students will create their own start-up instead of getting a r...


The title should read "Can Technology Bring the Dead Back to Life?"

Sorry for the type, it has it correct on the website. This is my fault.

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Nubix2232417d ago

Wow, Great Thought-Provoking article. A Fascinating read.

StealthTactics2417d ago

Great Article. I think that bringing the dead back from life has more uses than just old family members. Think of the use that can have of people who died in war, or elsewhere that one should not have died

InsidiousMind2416d ago

oh wow i screwed up that title. It should say "to" instead of from.

sorry, the website has it right.

Dasteru2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Bring the dead back from life? I'm fairly certain an ar-15 can already do that.

Edit: Yeah i figured it was a typo, just messing with you.

InsidiousMind2416d ago

Sorry, screwed that title up. Not sure why. It is correct on the website.

DivineHand1252415d ago

This reminds me of the movie transcendence. I think the engineer mentioned in the article is on to something but even if we reach the level where we could load a person's conciousness into a computer, it would be very hard for us to tell if that is really the same person they uploaded inside the computer or just a really clever AI modelled off a human mind.